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1973 John Collier Tailoring Ltd. - The window to watch!

Started in the Porth branch then moved to Cardiff Queen Street
Let's see, who was there? Norman, Lyndon ... come on someone help me out here it was a long time ago.
Well. I asked and Bernard Sestanovich answered. Thanks Bernard for filling in some of the gaps for me.

Bernard worked for John Colliers from 1976 till 1981. The staff there then were
Ivor Thomas (Manager)
Trevor Woodward (Asst Manager)
Norman Bailey
Lyndon Collins
Terry Stone
Trevor Evans
Phillip Price
The cashiers were Angela Gronow and Norma Underwood
Sadly Ivor Thomas passed away in about 1979

Ivor I remember as a real gent, Trevor if I'm not mistaken did most of the measures a quiet man, probably in his late thirties or early forties then, very serious. Norman, a larger than life character usually laughing and joking with customers as he led them on to shirts to go with the suit, and then a couple of ties, and what about a raincoat sir?
Lyndon started just before me and was the more "senior" of the two juniors - I was the other one. Terry, I recall, as a rather tall, thin and a little flamboyant. Phillip and Trevor Evans don't ring bells at all I'm afraid with me, either they joined after I left or my memory is worse than I thought.

Mr R (was it Reg?) Butler was the area manager at the time I was there and was responsible for my move from Porth To Cardiff. Having handed in my notice he persuaded me to transfer instead and effectively gave me a pay rise to cover the cost of a weekly season ticket to Cardiff, which I seem to recall was less than a couple of pound!

1973 to 1978 Visonhire - TV Rentals

South Wales and Bournemouth

At one time or another I worked at all of the branches in South Wales, including South Wales Electricity Board franchises and those acquired from other companies. In particular Lloyds Surevision and Knight Rentals.
Not so long ago I did think of arranging a reunion of the South Wales team of this era. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember half of their names and, apart from one or two, didn't know where the others were.
I have listed those I can remember so please e-mail me if

a) You are any of these people
b) You know any of these people and how I can contact them
c) You are one of the people who's name I couldn't remember - apologies in advance!

Click here to see list

1978 Telefusion Ltd. - TV Rental and Retail

Just a brief stay here, in Cwmbran, for about 4 months.
I would like to pay tribute to Area Manager Derek Hull, who died shortly after competing in a charity raft race.

1979 to 1993 Indesit - Domestic Appliance Repairs

At last it was time to make good use of the skill I had been developing since the age of 3. Namely - taking things apart. Fortunately I had, by now, also developed the skill of putting them back together!
Starting at Caerphilly and moving between Swansea and Bristol like a yo-yo as my area was constantly being moved, I ended up in Swansea as Branch Manager. When Indesit and Ariston service departments were combined under the umbrella of Merloni Domestic Appliances the size of the team doubled, as did the number of old friends that I lost track of. If you are one of them Mail me

That's enough of my work history to be going on with. I'll bring it up to date some time in the future but if you know what I'm doing now then we are obviously still in contact with each other.