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So you think you know me?

Why is this site here?

Some time ago I was trying to track down some old friends and it occurred to me that if they had web sites it would have been an easier task. It then occurred to me that if I had a web site then the reverse would also be easier!
So, here it is.
Hopefully, these pages will fill up as my memory of past events returns and people get in touch with me.

Couldn't you have made this site a bit more interesting?

What like Flash animations, sound clips, pictures, pretty backgrounds and so on?
Yes, I could and some of these may be introduced in the future. However, did you notice how long this page took to load, the lack of little buttons to download or upgrade plug-ins, the absence of messages telling you that your browser cannot display it properly? No, you probably didn't!
If I just climb up on my soapbox for a few seconds to tell you that I believe the Web is for the sharing of information. If I can do that without demanding that you have a specific browser or plug-in and make the information available in the shortest time possible then the information will be shared by the greatest number of people.
I don't like waiting ages for pages to download, I don't like having to download plug-ins, I often don't bother viewing such pages!
Finally, getting down off soapbox, when I get around to putting some pictures on this site they will be on another page so you can click on the links if you want to, or not as the case may be.

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